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on 18 aprile 2012
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Ok, armiamoci di tanta pazienza, prepariamoci a pogare sul tram e a vedere rinverdite amicizie ormai sopite che hanno bisogno di un posto letto: sta per cominciare il Salone del Mobile, che fa più figo chiamarlo Design Week, ma alla fine sempre comodini sono.

Questa settimana Le Cannibale si inserisce nel network dell’Elita Festival e vi propone per venerdì 20 aprile al consueto Tunnel—oltre ai super locals Uabos e Kosmi—un portoghese di pregevole fattura e straripante simpatia: Moullinex, quella dei frullatori senza una L, autore di remix di gran successo come Lights an Music dei Cut Copy, Maniac in tandem con Peaches e Jack dell’amabile Herr Styler. Ha pure un’etichetta tenerella, la Discotexas, insieme all’amico Xinobi, che fa le copertine degli album con secchi carichi d’amore, ma tanto questo già lo sapete.

Noi l’abbiamo intervistato, parlando di musica, calzini e ancora calzini. Pare voglia regalarmi una biografia di Leni Riefenstahl, che era un po’ nazista quindi rigirerò sto presente a qualcun’altro. Buona lettura e Happy Design Week!

1. Hi Luis, introduce yourself to our readers.
Olá! I’m Luis, I live in Lisbon and I make music as Moullinex. I also run the Discotexas label.

2. I’ve seen that you’re very involved in social media conversation. You have not only an up-dated internet site, you also use Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo to share contents and to keep alive the attention around your work. Do you personally take care of these channels or someone do it for you?
Yes of course! The idea of someone else “speaking” for me just scares me a lot!

3. How was to work at the remix of Maniac ? Do you want to tell us something about the entire project Casablanca Reworks E.P.?
It’s a big, big opportunity to be able to rework such a beautiful catalog, the one of Casablanca records. Moreover, having Peaches sing on the tracks is the cherry on top of the cake.

4. How important is the support of other djs to your works? Is it all a matter to get mixed up in the right clubbing scene?
It matters because you want to get the tracks heard by more people. The opinion of your peers also helps you navigate through your own indecisions…

5. What is the process behind chosing the perfect track to remix? In your opinion, what are the elements that contribute to making a remix into a huge success?
I must really like the original! And it must have some element I can work with. Usually when I do remixes I almost re-write everything, so having a good original element that i can incorporate is very important.

6. If tomorrow i’d have a chance to set foot in your bedroom, what could i find? Choose a thing to give me as a present.
I’d give you Leni Riefenstahl‘s biography, which opened my eyes to the biggest BITCH in history. And An Universe out of Nothing, which I’m reading now, and it’s really eye-opening. Besides that, just a few random socks. I like to keep the room to a minimum!

7. Choose a pop band from the 90s you’d like to have been part of. The most ridiculous that comes to your mind. Don’t tell me The Hanson, please.
Ahaha, MC Hammer.

8. Gosh, i think i’ve forgotten to ask you something about your partner, Xinobi. Do you want to spill the beans about him?
He likes to sleep. And speaking of socks, that’s always a good gift to give him.

9. We have finished, Luis. We hope you’ll enjoy the party here in Milan. Greet our followers in your favourite language and suggest us a song.
Obrigado e até breve!
Take this one by Roy Ayers, and we all need it for spring:
Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

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