Interview w/ Jerome LOL

on 23 ottobre 2012
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Jerome LOL aka Jerome Potter non è soltanto un producer, ma ha anche una label, Body High. Faceva parte dei LOL Boys ed ora ha un progetto solista. Insomma, è un ragazzo dai molteplici talenti, ma è anche un fan di J.LO. Diego a questa scoperta è impazzito e questo che leggete è il risultato.

When my chief told me that i was about to interview you, i was like ‘hey this could be a great opportunity to talk about new music stuffs’
and first thing I did was check your facebook account. Suddenly I got inspired by something I couldn’t reject. Now I know what I have to do, and I’M GLAD cause I’M REAL, and we’re about to PLAY that and GET RIGHT, so LET’S GET LOUD. This one is not going to be a speech about random stuffs, is not going to be a speech about our times, is not going to be a speech about shitty bullshits, this one is going to be a
speech about J-LO.

Naturally, to get the Lopez mood, we need to bounce in the 90’s, early 90’s, 1993. In that year Jennifer made a cameo as a backup dancer in the video for Janet Jackson’s hit ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’. What did you do in that year while she was stealing the Damita Jo groove?
Well let’s see…in 1993 I was 6 years old living in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I think I was in 1st Grade, probably enjoying running around outside and being a little kid. I was also probably listening to the radio a lot, letting pop music invade my subconscious.

Since then nothing of relevant happened until 1999, when she released her debut album On The Six. Rodney Darkchild Jerkins produced her topselling single If You Had My Love and in the same years many iconic R&B singles for Brandy, Destiny’s Child, TLC and others. Alongside with Timbaland, surely Darkchild was giving life to the Golden Age of R&B. How that period inspires your work?
I was watching a TON of MTV during this era. I would watch TRL with Carson Daly every day after school for reasons I cannot tell you. This era was pretty huge for me though, because it’s when I first found a love for pop music. The vocal melodies and drum patterns definitely continue to influence my work. Let’s not forget the boy bands of this era as well though!

Indeed I think that the video for your superjam Changes pays tribute to the If You Had My Love video using the same webcam-addiction theme, could you say that?
OMG! I vaguely remember this video, but going back and watching it now I am absolutely stunned. This video is sooooooooo ahead of its time. She basically invented YouTube, Skype and #Seapunk with this video! It’s amazing. The Changes video was not consciously influenced by the video for If You Had My Love but somewhere in the back of my brain maybe it did influence it. But in actuality it was just those videos that people put up on YouTube of lip synching to pop songs that really influenced Changes. I wanted it to be an official video full of that moment. Then the idea of the meta aspect came to me and voila!

The same year J-Lo broke up her relationship with Puff Daddy after a gunfight in a club. There is a similar cause behind the dissolution of
Lol Boys project?
Haha definitely not! No gunfights ^__^

The following year she came out in the new millennium with the one of the most breathtaking appearances never seen at Grammys, wearing that Green Jungle Versace dress. Few months ago she released the hit Love Don’t Cost a Thing in which she sang about true love, real feeling and deep sensitivity. Isn’t the lyrics from your jam Changes pure in the same way?
Those lyrics are very pure but they were actually written by Heart Streets who do the vocals on the song!

One of the highlights from Ms. Lopez carrer is her gorgeous remix album J To Tha L-O!, dropped in 2002. You got something like that since you have threw out your remix ep for the single Changes. So How was it born?
The vocal of the song is just so beautiful so we all decided to see how other producers could flip it. Basically, we asked a few friends and the results we got were huge! I really love all the remixes on the package.

During the This Is Me…Then era, she admitted, with single Jenny Fom The Block, that the success hasn’t change her and she was just the
same girl. Do you feel unchanged too? Don’t be hypocrite!
I feel very changed in the fact that the LOL Boys project has ended and I have begun new as Jerome LOL. In a way, the lyrics of “Changes” really predicted the future.

Have you planned a collaboration with Pitbull?
No but my friend R.L. Grime made the beat for Pitbull’s song “I’m Off That”

As last act from this J-Lo-celebrating conversation, suggest to us your favorite jam from the amazing, the only, the shining, the irreplaceable Jennifer Lopez!
Her collaboration with Ja Rule “I’m Real” ^_____^