Earl Sweatshirt non le manda a dire – Guarda l’intervista su NPR

Qui sopra ti guardi l’intervista di Earl ─se clicchi leggi la recensione─su NPR. 

Alcuni estratti

Sul suo processo creativo:
“I came up with the album title first, just cause like, I got to completely visualize what the album – it’s easier for me if I work all the way backwards. What does it look like in iTunes? What does the cover look like? And then I go last song – I learned that this is my process. I go last song first, first song second, and then … You fill it in. Yeah. Kinda how you write…a book.

Sul diventare ─come dice lui─ self-aware:
“[When I found myself] I looked f**ked up. When I was in my most – when I had the most clarity, I looked f**ked up. I think that’s kind of universal though. A lot of dudes that get, like, really withered and skinny, all of sudden get this really profound sense of clarity. This is the concept behind fasting, I think. Like, you don’t eat. And it’s hard. It’s the worst. And then you get to the other side and it’s like the clearest your head has ever been. So that’s where I was with a lot of the album.
“I didn’t give a f**k about my body. …I disrespected myself – not disrespected, but I really prostrated myself to music.”

Sul titolo del disco:
“It’s not so much about, like, some pretentious ‘I don’t like s–. I don’t go outside.’ It was more about getting f–ing forced inside, you know what I mean?”

Sul disco di Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly:
“Kendrick’s album is so fire. And I don’t have any – it’s not even a reservation – but you can hear when it’s G-funk. You can hear it when it’s jazz. This is this. This is this. This is this. And it’s explicit. I think that’s a language that needs to get spoken to a lot of – but it’s very explicit. And people make the mistake – I’ve had so many conversations with people about how Kendrick – ‘Oh, it’s a lot of subliminal.’ Kendrick is not subliminal at all. Kendrick is so so so straightforward. Like, he says everything – subliminal is having to pick up whether this was spiritual – you feel me? Subliminal is like – Kendrick is very straightforward with his message.”

Sullo stato del giornalismo musicale:
“I am trying to start a f–ing magazine. Because journalism is so trash right now. Have you read the writeup on Kendrick’s album on iTunes? …I’m saying that s– f-ks me up. I be looking for good writing and people doing these f–ing fourth grade book reports on people’s albums. Like, ‘This happened and then there was also a feature from … And then. And also.’ …Music writing sucks so f–ing bad.”