In case you did not know the parisian Niark1, WOW Of The Week is happy to show you his stuff. Monsters, geometry, skulls and all those things that I like. Knock yourself out :) o hai!

WOW OF THE WEEK | Carole Wilmet

So she is Carole Wilmet, a 22 years old (!!) belgian artist. Her website is great, but also check her blog for fresh drawings and illustrations. –o hai!

WOW OF THE WEEK | Pietro Nicolaucich

One of my fav illustrators. He’s italian and has a special talent for kid’s illustrations. –o hai!

WOW OF THE WEEK: Hikari Shimoda

Definitely not the paintings you would hang on your kid’s room. Nagano artist Hikari Shimoda –o hai!

WOW OF THE WEEK | Pablo Aguilar

Bonjour mes amis, inauguriamo oggi una nuovo rubrica nata per caso (come tutte le cose belle). Da tempo seguivo questo tumblr e finalmente, settimana scorsa ho avuto il coraggio di contattarne l’autrice per chiederle di collaborare con dlso. Se sono qui…